About Us
What is EmployBoard™?

EmployBoard™ was created because the founders felt that other career websites were too traditional and conventional in their approach. They lack the interpersonal touch and they appear to be geared more towards employers than job seekers. At EmployBoard™, we believe that knowledge is power and social networks are even more powerful. Therefore, we would like to be the one who can help you achieve those career goals, realize those career dreams and build that career social network with the features offered on our website.

EmployBoard™ is for Everyone

EmployBoard™.com is not just a salary website, or a job board, or a career networking site, it is a combination of all three. Whether you are actively searching for a job, or wanting to expand your career network, this is your chance to interact with others to promote your talents and skills and share your insights with others in the EmployBoard™ community.

EmployBoard™ provides:

  • Job Center: EmployBoard™ provides access to one of the largest databases of job listings online (featuring hundreds of thousands of jobs - updated daily), posting jobs directly from companies and recruiters as well as from newspapers, individual company websites, job boards, and anything else we can find.

You can be:

A to-be graduate or a fresh graduate

  • Scouring the Internet for salary information on jobs in the real world.
  • Preparing to negotiate for that first job.
  • Searching for jobs that pay well in the real world.
  • Searching for that one perfect job to call your first.
  • Network with other peers or experienced professionals in the EmployBoard™ community.


An experienced employee

  • Desiring a pay raise from your current employer.
  • Advancing your career with a different employer.
  • Searching for a change of environment in a new city or state.
  • Considering a career change to a different profession or industry.
  • Network with other peers in your current profession or industry in the EmployBoard™ community.

How EmployBoard™ Works?

1. Search

Search for Job Listings. Anyone can search for current job listings by Job Title and Location.

2. Share

Build your network. Invite your friends to join or make new friends at the EmployBoard™ community.